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Müller 19, ca 1928. This is a much larger and quite heavy sewing machine intended for children as well as a travelers sewing machine. My machine is judged to be in  no 7 in ISMACS - and have some ligth rust and matt finish. It is 25cm long, 20cm wide and 18cm tall.

Müller 2, ca 1925. This is also a quite large sewing machine with cast iron foot, intended for children. The mechanics is nto as advanced as a Müller 14, but is quite similar. It is 18cm long, 10cm wide and  20cm tall.


Muller 12 ca 1912. This is the largest and perhaps most pretty of all sewing machines from Müller. It is made of all cast iron and with very advanced mechanics. My machine is a true pearl in the collection, being judged to 8 ISMACS criteria. It has almost perfect decoration, metal finish and lacquer. It is 29cm long, 17cm wide and 22cm tall.


Müller Regina, ca 1945-49. This is one of the typical machines produced immediately after the war. It is marked Made in Berlin, US  Zone. It is made in tin and have no defects in lacquer ore chrome. Judged to be in 8 in the ISMACS criteria.